"Our highest goal is to help pastors move their church and staff forward so they can maximize their ministry efforts for the Kingdom of God." - Todd Smith, Kineo Founder/CEO
We have solutions and our staff proves it. Each ministry coach has experienced the obstacles and opportunities you have experienced and has navigated through it with great success. Our coaches have produced and know what it takes to grow a church.
During our initial discussion and evaluation we will share with you what it will take to see your church grow. One pastor recently commented, “This sounds like a lot of work.” Our response?  Yes, it is!  If you are serious about building your church and expanding the Kingdom of God it is going to require work.
If you are serious about working smarter and doing whatever it takes then KINEO Church Growth Solutions is for you.

Church Attendance By The Numbers

  • 59% less than 100 in attendance

  • 35%  100-500 in attendance

  • 4% 500-1000 in attendance


98% of churches have less than 1,000 attendees!

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to help you understand and navigate through your situation. KINEO will do just that and bring new and fresh insight to help you move forward so you can reach your goals.