Does it seem that you have you hit a “barrier” in the growth of your church or ministry?  No matter how hard you try you can’t seem to go beyond that wall?  Every pastor faces the frustration of numeric barriers and it often seems impossible to overcome.  Regardless of the barrier we can help you break through and exceed it. This is one of the reasons we founded KINEOresources.

KINEO comes from Acts 17:28, “In Him we MOVE, live, and have our being.” The Greek word kineo (move) means, “cause to go, to move, or SET IN MOTION.”  Our highest goal is to help pastors move their church and staff forward so they can maximize their ministry efforts for the Kingdom of God. We want to help them “get moving” and to help “set them in motion.”


We have discovered that dynamic preaching and inspirational music alone will not and cannot grow a church. There are tens of thousands of churches across America that have great preaching and wonderful music and yet are still frustrated with their lack of growth.  KINEO has put together a plan for you if implemented WILL cause your church to grow. We have listened to pastors and discovered their most pressing needs regarding their areas of ministry.  We developed KINEO Resources with those needs in mind.  We feel certain Kineo Resources can provide the answers for those needs.

Todd Smith/Founder

Todd Smith, the founder of KINEO resources Church Growth Solutions, is a sought-after speaker and leadership mentor with a passion for raising up the next generation of effective culture changing leaders. Hundreds of pastors have been exposed to the sessions of KINEO resources under his leadership. He has preached the Gospel, lead crusades, and held pastors conferences in over 25 countries around the world. His leadership has helped thousands of pastors discover God’s plan for their life and ministry resulting in tremendous Kingdom advancement and growth.​ He has over 20 years of pastoral experience. He has planted five churches in the United States and has planted and spiritually covers hundreds of churches overseas.​

The Kineo Team

At KINEO we have assembled a highly qualified team of church growth experts which includes youth, children, and discipleship professionals. We are ready to help you build the church and ministries you desire. We have solutions and our staff proves it. Each ministry coach has experienced the obstacles and opportunities you have experienced and has navigated through it with great success. These coaches have produced and know what it takes to grow a church. Our team will ask questions that no one else will ask, prompting the church and its leaders to deal with issues and problems that perhaps have been left unattended.  The end result will be exciting to see.



“Todd Smith has inspired and motivated our staff to move to a new level of excellence.  His methods to Church Growth have given our church fresh ideas on how to retain the visitors who walk through our doors.”