Below are the 18 sessions that are available to you and your leaders. Your church will greatly benefit from the insights shared. They are what every church needs.

Todd Smith

“We know where pastors live and struggle. We speak their language and understand their issues. We can confidently escort these churches into new heights.” – Founder of KINEOresources


Unlocking the Dream

This exercise is both fun and exhilarating. We will help you discover and unlock the fresh new vision God has for you, your ministry, and your church.  We won’t stop there. Kineo helps you put the steps in place to see your vision become a reality.  Healthy Church life starts with your vision!

Developing a Systems Mentality

Developing a systems approach to ministry makes your ministry more efficient and productive. For most pastors this is a difficult paradigm shift, however, one that is necessary if you are to reach your full potential.  This session has become a favorite among pastors – it’s a “game changer.”

The VIP Meeting​

This session alone can cause your church to grow by 50% each year. Pastors who are faithful in applying this principle are seeing dramatic results.

How to Attract and Keep Guests

One of the most frustrating questions a pastor tries to answer is, “How can I keep guests?”   In other words, “HOW CAN I CLOSE THE BACK DOOR?” This session not only helps the pastor attract new guests, but equips him and his team to keep the guests and eventually see them become a part of the church body. Five key areas of your ministry are targeted and tooled in order to keep your guests.


The “ten-eighty” Principle

​Jesus ministered for only three years.  That’s it.  Think about it…just over a 1,080 days. What would you do if you knew you had only three years to live and minister? What things would you emphasize and hold in high regard? What things would change? Would you preach differently? What would be your focus?  As we take a look at Jesus’ methods and ministry priorities, you will be surprised and energized to do things His way.  His way changed the world!

Releasing the Army​

Most pastors and their congregations are burned out and here is why. The same people are constantly doing everything. Usually 20% of the people are doing 80% of the work in the church. This leads to turnover and burnout! This is about to change in your church. We share with you how to enlist, recruit, and release people for ministry. This is key if your church is to experience it’s full potential in the Lord. The pastors who apply the principles taught in this lesson are growing and again enjoying the work of the ministry.

Changed at the Altar – Now What?​

Every week, new converts leave the altar and church service changed and excited. They also leave with questions such as, “What’s next in my life?” The first few days and weeks are pivotal in their spiritual development and your church will play a vital rolie in their growth as a believer. Therefore, a church must have a high-impact, nonnegotiable pathway fo focused first steps – a pathway designed specifically to help them on their new journey with Christ. KINEO works with you to tailor-make a roadmap to growth and maturity for your new converts.

Five Phases To Systems Perfection

This session helps the leadership team go from a system on paper to optimum system performance. Many times the team gets stuck, they have the system on paper but have a difficult time processing it into reality. This session gets the systems moving, performing and getting results.

How To Get People Involved In Ministry

The success and growth of your ministry relies heavily on your leaders being able to get new people involved in ministry. One of the most ask question from Pastors is, “How can I get more people involved?” These easy to use steps will give your leaders the necessary tools and confidence to recruit and enlist new people in their ministry. This session is practical and it delivers!

A Strategy to Winning Your City

Do you have a plan to win your city to Christ? Do you have a real plan in place to help you do it? This session puts together a step-by-step initiative plan to reach your city. You will have a strategy that will work and some of the results will be doubling your attendance, parking problems, positive momentum, not enough seats, and winning many people to Christ. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Our leadership team believes in Big Events. We will walk you through how to host a Big Events, how to double your attendance on a single day, and how to get massive amounts of people born again. Big Events, if strategically used, can grow your church.

Increasing Your Weekly Income

Are you tired of not having enough money to do ministry? Is your vision “on hold” because of insufficient funds?  If you are going to reach your city and change the world you are going to need resources. KINEO shares simple yet effective ways to increase weekly giving by a minimal of 10%.  This is a no-gimmick approach that motivates your people to give for God’s glory. In many cases pastors have experienced a 25%-30% rise in weekly giving. Imagine what you could do if the giving in your church jumped 25% each week! This session is a must.

One Team Every Pastor Needs

Every pastor is limited in time, creativity, and energy. He is busy and pulled in various ways throughout the week, making it difficult to prepare for an impacting service.  This hand selected team will come along side of the pastor and enable him to connect with the congregation during the worship service in iconic ways.  The services will become more effective and dynamic. We help the pastor learn how to recognize those in the church who would be a great “fit” for this team, how to work in cooperation with creativity, and how to implement fresh and new ways to communicate and engage in a worship service.

Small Groups – They Work!​

Don’t let this scare you. Many pastors are extremely skeptical about small groups.  Most assuredly, small groups can work in your church. With our plan you will find that small groups can work for you and certainly not against you. Our approach is simple yet highly effective. You will get the results you desire. We will listen carefully to your concerns and reservations and then we will work together to customize a plan for your church.  The plan will allow you to slowly implement small groups with dynamic results.

Youth Ministry​

How effective is your youth ministry?  Are you reaching young people for God? Are your youth passionate about their walk with God? Are they being called into the ministry? Our KINEO youth ministry consultant has years of experience and knows what it takes to grow a dynamic life-giving youth ministry.  As a result of this session your staff and youth team will experience insight that will change their perspective about youth ministry forever.  You will be equipped with tools, ideas, and  a new passion.


Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry is one of the most important ministries in your church.  Some would say it is THE most important ministry. Our team will evaluate your children’s ministry approach and its current effectiveness.  We will work with you to develop the most dynamic children’s ministry in your area.  After our sessions your children’s team will leave motivated, challenged, and ready to go to the next level.

Preparing for a Move of God

Church effectiveness is just not about strategies, systems, plans, and vision. It goes much deeper. God looks at the heart. There is no question God wants to move in your life and ministry, but are you ready?  Is your heart meeting the condition God requires in order for you to experience a sustained move of His Spirit?  This session will examine what it takes to qualify for an authentic move of God.   This session is necessary for pastors who want to be used in these last days.

Your Very Own Church PLAYBOOK​

Every effective sports team has a playbook.  The playbook consists of plays the team uses to effectively defeat their opponent. Furthermore, it keeps the coaches and the team on track. The playbook will keep them from overreacting to situations and circumstances. Their playbook addresses each possible scenario and gives instruction on how to respond.  KINEO will help you put together a playbook that you “stick to” be prepared to defeat the enemies of complacency, attendance lids, burnout, low morale, and the ‘back door’ issue.  Your playbook will be your guide to help you lead. In addition, it will be the tool that will keep you on course as you fulfill the dream God placed in your heart.

The Dirty-Dozen

Have you or your church ever experienced a surge of growth and life only to have it to vanish quickly? Session 16 will identify the 12 momentum killers.  This session outlines for pastors and leaders the 12 things that can kill any positive movement a church may be experiencing. This is necessary for every leader so they can guard against falling into the enemy’s traps, squelching a move of God.

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​Once a month we meet together via a video conference call. Most pastors invite as many of their leaders to attend the meeting as possible. The meetings can take place during the day or at night, whatever is easiest.  Each session lasts 90 minutes. This IS NOT a DVD – it is a LIVE conference call! Our sessions are custom fit and instructed so they impact and address your needs. We make it personal. We get to know you, your needs, your staff, and team members by name. Your success is our highest priority. Each month we will cover a new topic and homework will be assigned to lead your church through that step in the process.

During the instructional sessions, there are questions asked and fed back will be given to ensure the teaching is hitting it’s mark. For the next 30 days after the session, the leaders will be responsible for implementing the materials discussed.


Many of you know of other pastors who could benefit from this process.  Tell them about KINEO!  If several churches in your area come together and form a group, one of our consultants will meet with your group in person each month. This works great and creates great spiritual momentum among churches and for the city.

Imagine if a handfull of churches in your area gathered together to learn how to grow their churches.  Imagine if ALL the churches doubled in size in a year!  What would happen to the spiritual climate of your city?  Revival wouldn’t be isolated to just one church or building.  Revival would break out across your entire area.  Don’t wait.  Contact us today to discuss the details.

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